We all have dreams and fantasy futures, things we long to happen to ourselves. However, what do you do when fantasy and reality don't match up? Trade in the fantasy for a mediocre reality or hold on and hold out--hoping and dreaming that one day all will come to fruition beyond your wildest imagination? My desire to stay grounded screams the former, but my yearning for adventure pleads for the latter. The two forces battle with neither emerging clearly victorious. And the war rages on.

this is a rerun from almost exactly a year ago. it's one of my favourite posts so i figured it was worth ending on.


i've decided to stop blogging. As the apostle said, everything is permissible but not all things are beneficial. With lots of schoolwork lurking on the calendar and a new call to go full-throttle with some things on campus, it just seemed good timing to call it quits. Blogging has given me a chance to process what's going on in kristen-land, to ask good questions and to make friends with people a whole lot smarter and wiser than i am. i have learned so much and beyond that i've enjoyed my tenure in the blogger community. But a new season is emerging. i'll still be lurking about and maybe i'll drop a blogga-style email if anything really cool happens (i did see Stanley Hauerwas yesterday...). i'll always be available via email and after this weekend, i'll be back on AIM so drop me a line! Many thanks to Jim and Wayne for working towards hosting me. You guys are the real deal.

Consider this post a permanent away message. "i'm off searching for a summer job, writing about Calvin and Augustine, enjoying the sunshine, reading and caring for small group leaders. please let me know how you are."

grace to you, and peace.